YBN Almighty Jay Releases New Single – Takin off

Almighty Jay offsets new single “Takin Off”. Related Posts

YBN Almighty Jay – Takin Off Lyrics The YBN gang has been producing talented music which has been gaining a lot of traction on the music scene. Rapper Nahmir has been getting a lot of attention and it seems like YBN Almighty Jay will be following in his footsteps very shortly. Watch the video below and give comments if you believe “Taking Off” will be the next big hit for the group. “Taking Off” is the product of reuniting with previous collaborator Hoodzone who is known for his instrumental expertise. YBN Jay Offset has been putting in a lot of hours lately, he may be motivated by the success of his group member YBN Nahmir. Rapper Nahmir Cherry bop tune “Rubbing Of The Paint” gained over 22 million views in it’s first month of release.

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