Witt Lowry – Proud Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
The one and only Witt Lowry, some people call me Lowry
You talk a lot of   shit   when you don’t   even fuckin’ know me
A bunch of   fuckin’ actors, think you all should win a Tony
Said I signed a fuckin’ deal, like “Where, bitch? [Verse 2]
You talk a lot, but you say the least
The closest you’ve ever been to a dream is you countin’ sheep
You used to count me out, now see the numbers and want a piece
It’s sad to know you’ll never be the one you pretend to be
I don’t do good with might, maybe, should’ve or probably
All I want is trust, love, fun and some honesty
I’ve only scratched the surface of the person I wanna be
But came a long way, I wanna say “Motherfucker, I’m proud of me!” You push papers for a living, guess the joke’s on you
Despite your popular belief, the life you live you choose
And when you sacrifice for love, what do you actually lose? Show me!”
You became a fuckin’ critic ’cause you lack any skill
Tried to make up with your mouth what you lack on the field
You don’t even know yourself ’cause you lack being real
If all I rap about is love, then all they rap about is pills
To the man who hit and then ran in that crash
I wanna say: “Fuck you with every single ounce of fuck that I have”
Karma’s comin’, hope you’re watchin’ your back
You keep ignorin’ the facts
If passion mattered, I’d be covered in plaques, damn
Only offended if the shoe fits
You lied so much that you don’t even know what truth is
I told ’em all from the start “Trust the blueprint”
TEAMWITT until my motherfuckin’ death—that’s the movement
Don’t want it when I’m on the attack
I might just have to hit up Ninja just to borrow his mats
I might just have to hit up Cloak just to borrow his strats
A bunch of rappers sounding like they just been borrowin’ tracks
Used to laugh and poke fun but now the joke’s on who?

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