Warbringer – Living In A Whirlwind lyrics

[x5] Must escape
Ridden with the stress that YOU CAN’T TAKE
Must escape
Not time to turn back, far too late
Can’t escape
Everything around you, ceased to make sense
Waiting until your time will come.. To pass
Look into the mirror at what used to be your face
A ghastly visage you don’t recognize, gone without a trace
WHIRLWIND! Spiraling out of control! In the eye of the storm
Disconnected, from the world you were born
Cheating death, just to get your fix
Cannot survive, its the end of the line
They look you in the eye and all they see is an empty stare
Living like a rat, you choke on your own despair
Still you’re sinking lower, each day more desperate
You hide below the surface, waiting for the end
ESCAPE! Living in a whirlwind!

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