Tommy Fain – Danger Zone Lyrics

TOMMY FAINDanger Zone Lyrics
Let’s pretend for the night that we’re strangers
Lost and far from our home
We’ll meet up just the other side of Babylon
In a place called the Danger Zone
There’s an alley that is cloaked in the darkness
There’s a cat that observes the goings-on
There’s a light that burns dimly in the corner
Of that place called the Danger Zone
Where the people speak in tongues & confusion reins supreme
In the world that they call their own
There’s suspense in the air and faint music
In that place called the Danger Zone
Then I come to a door that is hidden
It opens; I go in alone
Slowly my eyes search for something inside
To be found in the Danger Zone
There’s a candle that is lit in a corner
Where you sit as the band plays a song
And the smoke from the candle drifts upward
In the air of the Danger Zone
So I slide through the room in the darkness
You ask me if I am the one
You reach out and touch me and we realize
We’ve met in the Danger Zone
You pull me out onto the dance floor
That is crowded with shadows that have gone
Before us to hide in the music
That plays in the Danger Zone
Your body is soft as I hold you
You move as I lead you along
You whisper in my ear “I need you”
As we dance in the Danger Zone
Then the music slowly goes silent
And the shadows grow dim and are gone
We are back in our bed and you kiss me
We’ve been to the Danger Zone

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