Three 1-Step Upgrades That Will Take Your Half-Up Ponytail From Day to Night

“An outdoor concert or any low-key weekend event!”
How to Do It: Take a small piece (about a quarter of an inch) of your hair from the underside of the ponytail. “To make the look more romantic and glamorous for evening, simply brush through your curls,” says Justine. Latest On:  It’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta vs. Zombies (Yes, Zombies!)
“Braids are a trend that isn’t going anywhere, so it’s a fun way to add texture to your traditional half-up ponytail,” says the pro. Secure in a knot at the front and tie a bow. Bonus: If your hair is lacking volume, go on the underside of your waves and back brush from the ends to the roots. Type Inside The Box Lastly, trim the edges of the ribbon to make sure your bow is even. Half-up ponytail season, here you come! Once you’ve mastered that, though, she has three easy upgrades to help personalize the look. “As we just saw on the runways, velvet is having a moment for fall. As for where to wear this upgrade? Searching for more update about this? Pro tip: This softer feel is ideal for a dinner, date night, meeting the parents or anything holiday-related. Step one, of course, is getting the hair perfectly in place (you don’t need to be a total pro, just watch Justine’s tips in the video up top!). Latest On:  Iconic Halloween Costume Items You Can Wear Again IRL
How to Do It: Start by spraying a smoothing brush with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray before brushing through the curls (this will eliminate frizz). For fall, I think it’s nice to have some of your hair down, as opposed to all up in a full ponytail, which was better for summer,” explains TRESemmé hairstylist Justine Marjan. “It still feels young and playful, but it gets your hair off your face. Nothing against your usual hairstyle, but this season it’s all about the half-up ponytail to make a hair statement. “It has a cute vibe, so it’s the perfect detail for a holiday party or work event.”
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How to Do It: Choose a velvet ribbon that isn’t too thick (about an inch in width). This is a way to stay on trend with fashion and translate it for your hair,” describes the pro. Create a regular three-strand braid and wrap it around the base to hide the hair elastic and secure in place with a bobby pin. With the velvet side of the ribbon facing out, start wrapping it around the base of the ponytail. “I like to call this a Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop hairstyle because there are so many one-step ways you can take the look from day to night,” she elaborates.

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