The Game Slapped With Lawsuit From 40 Glocc Over 2012 beat Down

40 Glocc says that The Game owes him a total of $216,775.52 and the money has not been forthcoming. 40 Glocc has filed a lawsuit against The Game for beating him down back in 2012. He was also recently sued by two persons including a police officer who he got into a fight with at a pickup basketball game in Los Angeles. In his legal docs, Glocc also claimed that Game has been hiding assets using shell companies as a means to cover up his business ventures. I can’t say that I am surprised about this lawsuit given that the Compton rapper should’ve expect some legal repercussions from the fight. The Game has not yet reacted to this new lawsuit from his former friend turn foe, but in an interview dated back to 2013, he shed some light on what caused their beef that leads to that infamous beat down in 2012. He argued that The Game missed the payment deadline to hand over the money he won from his first lawsuit. According to the Documentary rapper, 40 Glocc woke up one day and decided to start talking trash about him and his kids, so that infuriated him and he went and sought out Glocc and beat him up. According to 40 Glocc, he won the money in a previous lawsuit against The Game from back in November 2016 when he sued him for the first time over the 2012 fight. Related Posts

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The Game Went HAM On Meek Mill For Dissing Nicki Minaj and Siding With Remy Ma Video footage from the fight was uploaded to YouTube showing the vicious beat down that left the rapper pleading for his life. Glocc filed legal documents suing the rapper for over $200,000 in owed assets. The Game legal troubles are nowhere near over.

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