SiR – La Lisa Lyrics

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[Verse 1: SiR]
No, it ain’t a question, not even an issue
Nobody knows you like I know ya’
You   grew   up on Queen   Street, your dad is a gangsta’
But   he’s gettin’ rolled up
You’re was in love with the street life
Used to seein’ niggas [?] the heath right
Live parties and street fights
Hangin’ with the players, got caught in the game
Now you in need of seating, but ain’t we all the same
I thought if we make it out alive
You might give you part to my side
Guess we’ll have to wait and see
If you’ll find your way to me
[Chorus: SiR]
La Lisa
La Lisa
La Lisa
I need ya’
[Verse 2: Smino]
Right, I’ma stack these up right
That’s my cuz, so he gangbang
But I don’t claim shit, nah, no baggage
Not even a briefcase, you’re more street than me, but
Don’t leave me [?] out this way
Get a little ratchet, stay over color, your box
Don’t tell your daddy, he might go crayola
Hurry up and come outside
I got the wheel parked, it’s ’bout to get dark
I’m talkin’ Weasley, and we out West, you know it be
Sit these niggas on your block
And I can’t do dolo this time, on a solo this time like CeCe
[?] no whinin’
I ain’t finna’ play with you, I’m tryna skate with you
Like T.I. [?] on the cops late at night like Fatlib
I’m fallin’, she got used to them [?] she a [?]
Darlin’, Miss Lisa, she a moaner
So bad, put your ass in the moment
Yes, put that on my momma
Pour more wet, it’s a moment
She finally took to my house
And threw it back like [?], it made me speak portuguese
Didn’t even know I could
We wanted this for a while
We keep it between you and me, capice, Lisa
[Chorus: SiR]
La Lisa
La Lisa
La Lisa
I need ya’
I can’t belive this nigga ain’t call me back
Ol’ Chief Keef head ass, Michelle Pfeiffer of 8 Mile lookin’ head ass
He ain’t call me back? (He trippin’) Mhmm
I thought we had a good time
Well I had a good time, that we was fire bro (Can’t believe this)
I bet he don’t even write his songs
Talkin’ ’bout, talkin’ ’bout he the king of RnB
That nigga can’t even move like Usher
Ain’t Chris workin’ on something?

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