Putin promised a lightning-fast response to interference in events in Ukraine

According to tradition, Vladimir Putin arrived at the Tauride Palace after lunch and addressed the legislators not so much with a congratulatory as with an encouraging speech, most of which turned out to be dedicated to Ukraine. And he asked the parliamentarians, together with the government, to develop new anti-crisis measures. In addition to unity, regional parliamentarians in the current situation require discipline and selfless work for the benefit of voters. Ministers Reshetnikov and Siluanov remained silent in response. However, everything is still the same in stores: “prices have increased from 30 to 50% (there are examples of up to 70%), and for everything.” “Let's return it, put up the old price tags,” Matvienko suggested ingenuously. Speakers of the State Duma and the Federation Council all morning called on regional colleagues to rally in the face of unprecedented challenges and not to panic. Истoчник www.mk.ru Matviyenko expressed concern that “now they will begin to write off a lot of things under sanctions”, and the money allocated to support the labor market and the economy will “fan out”. The GDP emphasized that the plans of Western states to strangle Russia economically had failed. The speaker of the Federation Council asked the members of the government present in the hall to deal with prices – after all, citizens, according to her, expected that after the stabilization of the ruble, they would decrease. And once again explained the need for a special operation
The legislators, who gathered in the Taurida Palace on the occasion of the Day of Russian Parliamentarism, met with thunderous applause Vladimir Putin's promise to respond with lightning speed to third-party interference in events in Ukraine. Putin recommended that Russian parliamentarians continue direct contacts with colleagues from Europe, Asia and America and convey to them truthful information about what is happening in Ukraine. For example, in aviation. However, the situation of an ideal storm, in which Russia found itself after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, certainly made itself felt. The President recalled that Russia at one time “favorably” and “fraternally” reacted to the creation of an independent Ukraine in “historical Russian territories.” However, no one in Moscow “counted” on the appearance of “Anti-Russia” and “we cannot allow this to happen.” According to the president, the West has been pushing Ukraine into a direct confrontation with Russia for many years, and “the fate of the consumables was prepared for the Ukrainian people.” In order to guarantee peace and security for the inhabitants of Donbass, Crimea and the entire country for a historical perspective, a special operation was launched. “New opportunities are opening up for many areas of high-tech production,” the president believes. Photo :AP
The legislators decided to celebrate the 10th Day of Russian Parliamentarianism according to the pre-Covid scenario – a solemn meeting in the Taurida Palace and a buffet table. As for international organizations, at some venues, in particular in PACE, “it has become pointless to work.” “Let them deal with their own problems, which they have a lot of there,” Putin said, advising PACE to address, for example, the problem of women’s inequality in the labor market. We will use them,” the president said, adding that all decisions on the “counter strike” have already been made. Previously, our manufacturers did not produce domestic aircraft, because the market was seized by foreigners, but now such a task has appeared, and not only for aircraft. “We just have to be imbued with the degree of the most serious problems that we have already encountered and will continue to face,” said Valentina Matvienko. They must monitor how the federal funds allocated to the subject are spent and how the planned plans are being implemented. And if some third party decides to intervene, creating “unacceptable strategic threats” for Russia, the response “to counter strikes will be lightning fast,” Putin said, hinting at the possibility of using a nuclear arsenal. “We have tools for this that no one can boast of. In particular, in his opinion, it is necessary to strengthen technological sovereignty and global leadership in those industries where the Russian Federation has a scientific and industrial base. And we won't brag.

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