Popcaan Pleads With Jamaican Gangsters To Stop Killings

The Jamaican government is currently running out of ideas as the crime grips the island leaving a trail of bloodshed in its wake. Too much killing going on in the place dog, the man them a war and killing off each other too much brothers. Dancehall artist Popcaan is pleading with Jamaican gangsters to stop the killings. There are a lot of money out there in the world to make, but killing is not the solution.”
Popcaan also said that he can speak to whats going on because he is from the streets and he made a life for himself in music and is able to tour the world and make a lot of money. “Whole a meds in the Sunday morning in the bush. On Sunday, Popcaan posted a video on Instagram telling gang members, some of who listen to his music, to stop killing each other. I am going to talk to the ghetto youths them now. Hear what I am saying, I don’t know you and I don’t know what you’re fighting for, but the man them just need to hold it on a level because hear is what’s going on now. “It’s the Unruly Boss this,” Popcaan said while smoking a blunt. Last month, Tommy Lee Sparta gave a lengthy speech on stage during a performance in his native Montego Bay where he told his fans to put an end to the murders. #popcaan message to the Killy Killy them
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