Pj Morton – Go Thru Your Phone Lyrics

PJ MORTONGo Thru Your Phone Lyrics
I get scared from the thought
Of someone else having your heart
It’s been a long time and I don’t wanna have to restart
I could go somewhere and try to start over again
But it’s not what I want (not what I want)
I don’t wanna lose my best friend
“We’re in love,” is what I say
And nobody’s perfect anyway
I don’t wanna see something that’ll change my mind
Everything is cool and we’re just fine
I don’t wanna go thru your phone
Some things are better left unknown
I rather keep livin’ in my daydream
Keep thinkin’ that things are just what they seem
I’mma look away, if it’s sittin’ in front of me
I don’t wanna catch a case based on what I see
I’m tellin’ you that I trust you
And if you’re doin’ dirt I ain’t even tryna push you
You know what they say (say, say)
“What you don’t know won’t hurt you”
We work too hard to build this life
And that won’t change over something you type
There’s no need to worry, everything is in line
We’re in this forever at least in my mind

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