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About Writing
What are the most common mistakes that you see authors making? I go with the flow of the   story and when I happen upon something irregular, I make a notation. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. What are you looking for? We’re seeing lots of   statistics that say reading as a pastime is dying – do you think that’s the case? If the house rejects it, it’s still going to end   up self-published. About Reading
We talk a lot about writing here on the blog, and possibly not enough about reading, which   is after all why we’re all here. Before you give them a   book, get their email address so you can follow up with them about writing a review;   people forget. No writer wants to shelf their creation so they seize the opportunity to   get their work out there. I always take one star away if grammar errors are more than 10. When the subject of your book comes up, let people know you are   seeking reviews in exchange for a free book if they are interested. First, edit, edit, edit then edit some more. People write to self-publish or   send the manuscript in to a publishing house. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) It’s not a pretty   sight. My advice to authors on getting a ‘bad’ review (hasten to add that might mean a perfectly   honest, well written, fair review – just bad from the author’s point of view) is to take what   you can from it and move on.   I make notes as I read. Is there anything you will not review? Is it a read first, and then make notes, or do you make notes as   you go along? Secondly, buy a case of your books and keep   them in your car. Usually it’s due to overwhelmingly bad grammar. Lauren1 – 9 May 2018
About Reviewing
How did you get started? There are brave authors who submit it to me anyway…
About Publishing
What do you think of the oft-quoted comment that the “slush-pile has moved online”? Possibly. I believe a story is marred   by grammar issues. How did you come up with your rating system, and could you explain more about the rating   system? First, edit, edit, edit then edit some more. We’re told that the first page, paragraph, chapter, is absolutely key in making or breaking a   book. It may sound strange, but I don’t actually “look” for anything. Yes. We have become a restless video-driven   society. I’ve whipped through that many pages in a day and a half. How do you review a book? It’s important to read your own book several times   through before publishing so you can catch plot inconsistencies and grammar issues. Under no circumstances to ‘argue’ with the reviewer – would you agree with that? If it’s   slathered in foul language, I deduct a star. When an author puffs up and complains on social media about a   bad review they got- it reeks of amateur and immature. My New Year’s resolution this year was to   document the books I read by writing and posting reviews on my website. Erotica. Honesty
End of Interview:
Read Lauren1’s reviews at Fiction Ebook Review. In my opinion, that is the natural course of opportunism. Oh my goodness, yes. Indie book sales are   cramping traditional publishers. Lack of editing on several fronts. Why do you think people love reading? Several   relatives have begun reviewing with me. If a book has a great plot, great characters, but the grammar is less than perfect, how do you   deal with that?  
What advice could you give to authors looking to get their books reviewed? Agents typically request only the first five pages of a novel; what do you think about   that? Do you have any ideas or comments on how the industry can ‘filter’ good from bad, aside   from reviews? It is what it is
Do you think attitudes are changing with respect to indie or self-published titles? Agents may have done that in the past, but times they are a changing. Do you get readers emailing you and thanking you for a review? When big guys like Barnes and Noble and Amazon crack down on genre deceit   and bogus reviews, it helps. If a book hasn’t grabbed you by the first five pages, do you put it down? If the story makes me forget everything or grows me as a person; five stars. If it’s classified as romance, but reads like   pornography, I deduct a star. I have always enjoyed reading and writing. That’s a tricky question because if the book is in my genre wheelhouse I won’t be able to   put it down. It behooves them to have a bit of patience as they search   for their new star writer. I will email the author back and let them know the reason I could   not finish their book. How long does it take you to get through, say, an eighty thousand-word book? Having said that, audio book sales are climbing, so that’s good. Yes, I believe reading is fading in importance.