Introducing Behind the Bookshelves: A Podcast from AbeBooks

You’re in luck. “A good example is Allen Lane who founded Penguin and shook up the worlds of reading and publishing by introducing affordable paperbacks. Born in England and now a resident of Canada, Richard will bring a personal touch to the podcasts so expect a broad mixture of weird books, unusual stories, and memorable moments in book history. The podcast will appeal to both readers and collectors, and anyone who loves books and a good story. The host is Richard Davies, who has worked with AbeBooks since 2005. Our first episode is embedded below. The idea of the podcast is to tell the stories behind books and the people who love them. The first five episodes cover the early days of Penguin, the AA’s Big Book, Literary Oxford, the puzzle-book Masquerade and Mark Twain’s globetrotting.   The initial format sees audio from Richard alone but the show will expand to include guests and interviews later in the year. There’s often a fascinating story behind famous authors and their best known books, but the show will also look at obscure and out-of-print titles that may not be so well known. Other people in the publishing business thought Lane was crazy but he was a true visionary. AbeBooks has just launched a podcast series called Behind the Bookshelves. iTunes
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 Enjoy bookish podcasts? We look at how Lane did this in our first episode.”
Behind the Bookshelves is designed to complement AbeBooks’ existing activity on blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. “I’m interested in ordinary people doing extraordinary things and how this can relate to the world of books,” says Davies. Find Behind the Bookshelves on….
Introducing Behind the Bookshelves: A Podcast from AbeBooks