IndieView with Linda Anne Smith, author of Dawn Through the Shadow

Observing life and researching religious organizations for families. I have a general idea of the plot and allow my characters to move in directions I had not anticipated. What made you decide to go Indie, whether self-publishing or with an indie publisher? Six years, however, during that period I was working full-time and promoting my first novel, Terrifying Freedom. Charles Dickens gave life to intriguing, endearing, and sometimes, bizarre characters. I edit as I go. I have to admit, it was challenging to work fulltime, promote Terrifying Freedom and write a new novel. Dawn Through the Shadows was chosen as a staff-pick in a large book chain and that continues to open doors to book clubs and signings. Every time Andrew thinks he has put the organization behind him, he stumbles over another connection, discovering that the tendrils of the Proclaimers of Christ extend to the highest echelons of the church. In her first novel, Terrifying Freedom, we are introduced to the withdrawn and enigmatic Rebecca Holden. On campus, friendly senior students invite him to barbeques and other get-togethers. Last year I gave myself a deadline, cut back on promoting Terrifying Freedom and carved out certain times of the day to write. I believe a book cover is extremely important in moving a book from the shelves into the hands of a reader and so I hired the same professional for Dawn Through the Shadows as I did for Terrifying Freedom. I live in Canada, outside of Calgary, in the foothills of the Rockies. If so can you please describe it? Because of our previous relationship, the cover development was quick and turned out great. My greatest means of distribution so far has been book signings and book clubs. I always recommend Stephen King’s book, On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft. About You
Where do you live now? I enjoy a wide range of genres and authors and learn from them all. Most publishing houses won’t accept a book without an agent and an agent prefers clients with extensive platforms. I rely on personal initiative, suggestions from family and friends, and the experiences of other authors that I tap into on the internet. Often through the shadows we more clearly see the light. Did you hire a professional editor? Do you have a marketing plan for the book or are you just winging it? Through the characters, the reader will come to experience the impact of such groups on the relationships of individuals and families, experience the indignity to and triumph of the human spirit. The research and editing. Andrew Covick, young and naïve, is offered a scholarship and leaves home for the first time. We all know how important it is for writers to read. Initially I did for my first novel, Terrifying Freedom, but I found that route onerous, tedious and lengthy. I can only play “spa” music while I write otherwise, I tend to sing along: not very helpful when I’m trying to write! No, I do not outline. And having an agent doesn’t guarantee getting published. Get your copy of   Dawn Through the Shadow from Amazon US or Amazon UK. “New friends, free food!” Andrew assumes there are no strings attached… I began the novel in 2012. Anyone who enjoys character-driven and coming-of-age novels. Did you get your book cover professionally done or did you do it yourself? Do you edit as you go or wait until you’ve finished? At times I began with a certain plot development in mind, but when I tried to implement it, the scenario seemed forced so I had to let it go. While some groups purport high ideals and strong family values, they bear many traits found in cults. However, make sure to put the current year in the search line. Dawn Through the Shadows reaffirms the resilience of the human spirit, our innate longing for authenticity, and the reach of love beyond remorse and rejection. Where did you get the idea from? Dawn Through the Shadows shifts to Andrew’s early years and reveals what made him so perceptive to Rebecca, why he was able to see beyond her brusque mannerisms to the wounded, empathetic person within. Was it a particular event or a gradual process? Do you listen to music while you write? It is excellent. A novel takes you somewhere and asks you to look through the eyes of another person, to live another life.”
Do you have a target reader? Any advice that you would like to give to other newbies considering becoming Indie authors? I could single out a couple of authors: Jane Austen, whose characters go about their daily lives while Jane explores their perceptions and subtly questions the social conventions of her times. This is the second novel written by Linda Anne Smith. During this time the author is not to approach anyone else. If an author decides to self-publish, there are many blogs that are very helpful. Some people immediately purchased my second novel because they liked the first. About Publishing
Did you submit your work to Agents? Andrew Covick pries into her past and unearths a facet of her life that Rebecca has painstakingly concealed and sought to forget. Were there any parts of the book where you struggled?  
Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) I will definitely be writing more novels. What came easily? If a pitch sparks an agent’s interest, then months are required to allow that agent time to read the book before making a decision. I’ve had an overall positive response to Terrifying Freedom. I love the rewrite stage. until he begins to feel the tendrils. If so, do you do so extensively or just chapter headings and a couple of sentences? What are you working on now? About Writing
Do you have a writing process? I am toying with a few ideas right now. The rules and processes are constantly changing—many becoming simpler over time. Are your characters entirely fictitious or have you borrowed from real world people you know? As Andrew seeks to disentangle himself from what he once thought to be a benign student organization, his girlfriend downplays his concerns. “This is great!” he thinks. Because of my experience with Terrifying Freedom, I went directly to self-publishing with Dawn Through the Shadows. Are there any particular authors that have influenced how you write and, if so, how have they influenced you? The characters are fictitious, however, life experience plays a part in how the characters take shape and morph. So I went the self-publishing route with Ingramspark and CreateSpace and I’m glad I did. I wrote Dawn Through the Shadows while publishing and promoting my first novel, Terrifying Freedom. No one except the scruffy literature prof seems the least concerned about the church Movement; after all, the student members are high-principled, well disciplined, and fill the pews during the campus services. Dawn Through the Shadows was often put aside. A novel takes you somewhere and asks you to look through the eyes of another person, to live another life.”
Linda Anne Smith – 14 November 2018
The Back Flap
Often through the shadows we more clearly see the light. I hired a person who has been writing and editing all her life. From Andrew’s unsuspecting association with the Proclaimers of Christ during his college days to his startling, unsought involvement many years later, this fast-paced novel will keep you turning pages. He created plots that opened the eyes of his readers to injustices unknown or unacknowledged in their social circles. If yes, what gets the fingers tapping? And now I’m toying with ideas for my next novel… Andrew watches, helpless to intervene, as she is slowly enticed into the cultish church Movement, the Proclaimers of Christ. I have a limited budget, so I’m operating on a bare bones marketing plan. I love the quote of Barbara Kingsolver, “Good fiction creates empathy. Although Dawn Through the Shadows is a sequel to Terrifying Freedom, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. How long did it take you to write it? Also, there are pros and cons to various self-publishing sites, so it’s important read the blogs and reviews, weigh the options, and then choose. End of Interview:
For more from Linda visit her website and follow her on Twitter. When did you start writing the book? After completing a novel, I reread and edit extensively. I love the quote of Barbara Kingsolver,   “Good fiction creates empathy. Through the lives of Andrew Covick and his friends, Dawn Through the Shadows reveals the tenacious, ingratiating recruitment strategies of some church Movements, gradually gaining control of the members lives. Do you outline? About the book
What is the book about? I managed to slide into the deadline: Dawn Through the Shadows was published in July.