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After that I wrote for them pretty consistently, until I noticed that they also publish books. I believed for a long time that I would eventually write a book, but when I saw how much this particular subject of toxic relationships was helping other people, I knew I had to create (You Broke Me) Open. I had the idea, but a professional designer on the Thought Catalog staff took that idea and made something even better than I could’ve possibly imagined. I had always been compelled to help people. But sometimes before or after, I’ll want to listen to something where I particularly feel the words. I began writing poetry shortly after my break up in May 2016, and many of those poems found their way into the book. Was it a particular event or a gradual process? I actually work in marketing full time, for a small nonprofit in Princeton, so I DO have the experience, but I also never wrote a book before this, and don’t really have as much time to put into marketing as I would like. I know it can be a pain and you have to jump through a few hoops, or sometimes you don’t get a response, but don’t be discouraged. Since they had published so many books before mine, they really made it easy for a complete rookie, but at the same time, they made me feel like a professional author. If so, do you do so extensively or just chapter headings and a couple of sentences? I did prep work, and research before and after but I had been a writer long before I began writing poetry, so I had a lot to work with. Do you listen to music while you write? ASK FOR HELP! About Writing
Do you have a writing process? I believed for a long time that I would eventually write a book, but when I saw how much this particular subject of toxic relationships was helping other people, I knew I had to create (You Broke Me) Open. They are all amazing poets, and all have at least one book out. Through poems like The Art of Broken Pieces, Corrosion, In Your Hands, and Tough Love, she’ll make you get in touch with all the feelings you’ve always known you had, but just couldn’t express out loud. I was writing for Thought Catalog, which is an online publishing platform. It’s all about myself and my last boyfriend. I can sing, draw, write, dance, make jokes, communicate with any and everybody, cook, and put myself together very well, but I can’t ride a bike. Are your characters entirely fictitious or have you borrowed from real world people you know? Were there any parts of the book where you struggled? The book walks you through a toxic relationship from beginning to end. Do you have a target reader? I like to do yoga, or read poems on Instagram. I knew they would be an amazing company to work with, since I had already written so many other pieces for them. Anything along those lines makes me feel reenergized, and that is when I write most of my favorite pieces. All I said to the team at Thought Catalog was take broken pieces of glass and make them into wings, and she made a MASTERPIECE! Before my last relationship even began, I had an idea to create my blog, Brynnspiration. Thought Catalog has been helpful putting me in their newsletter, but social media, word of mouth, and reaching out to bloggers have all been particular focuses for myself. Pretty much any song that is hauntingly beautiful and almost makes you want to cry in public is very inspirational to me. I love their realness, and how simple they keep their words, without losing the impact. Writing also became a lot easier for me after my last relationship ended because I was so suppressed by the man I was with. I am in the process of getting my design certification, and I already had my website/blog to post links on, so I would like to design a campaign around the book where I drive traffic to my site and Instagram page. I think the book really targets anyone who feels like they are a victim to their relationships, whether that is with a parent, a young love, or even someone they have been married to for years. There are so many platforms and people out there, and they are not hard to find in today’s technological world. I had only recently began writing for online publications, such as Elite Daily and Thought Catalog, so I took on this challenge early in my writing career. I try to read at LEAST 20 poems a day, and write at least one, so Instagram is a great place to do this on a budget. After the relationship ended, that same idea turned into something a bit more cathartic and meaningful. What made you decide to go Indie, whether self-publishing or with an indie publisher? I thought about book readings and book conventions, but they are proving to be way too expensive. I am pretty much just winging it. Do you outline? When did you start writing the book? About Publishing
Did you submit your work to Agents? They let me be completely involved in the creative process and come up with the idea for the cover art, even though I didn’t have the means to design it myself. Sometimes I would think of a title for a poem before the poem was written, or vice versa. They never made me feel like they were in control, and they never really were. Hopefully the organic route will start to pay off. Where do you live now? I am from Monmouth County, New Jersey. If so can you please describe it? Although I didn’t quite have the idea for the book in mind yet, I had been in many relationships during high school and college, and kept both handwritten journals and notes in my phone through all my darkest days. How long did it take you to write it? But for now, I am just growing my following on social media, and doing random “giveaways” to bloggers and followers. Thank you, Kristina Johnson Parish. I carefully and meticulously describe all the times I felt broken and incomplete, both before and during the relationship. Honestly, the cover is probably one of my favorite parts of the whole book. My writing process is to NOT focus on writing at all. It surprisingly only took about 6 months to physically sit down and write/compile my poems. Everyone moves through life at their own pace, so if someone is looking for some comfort, and wants to feel like they aren’t alone, then this book is for them; especially if they have gone through, or are going through a particularly challenging break up where it seems like the pain will never end. When I come across someone I really like, I will always buy their book if they have one. Brynn Taylor – 15 July 2017
The Back Flap
Reading Brynn’s poetry is like reading the diary you never took the time to write. I love music, but I can’t listen to it when I write since I find it distracting, and I often get too immersed in the song. Lucky for me, Thought Catalog will ship books to bloggers and influencers I find that have a large following, even if they are in other countries. It is called (You Broke Me) Open because it took constant struggle to realize that my damaged pieces are what make me whole, despite being told that I was not “enough” for somebody; I just first had to break free from the person I loved more than anything to figure out I was more than enough for myself. This was my debut poetry book, so what I struggled with the most was comparing myself to other poets. I was just writing about any and every feeling I had during my relationship, so it never felt like work. Do you edit as you go or wait until you’ve finished? I’ve written a few fun and fictional pieces here and there which you can find on my blog, but for the purpose of this book, I kept everything very, very real and close to home. It is a very personal journey of trying to find yourself through a loved one before you are ready, and constantly being manipulated and ridiculed in the process. Drake, Tyler Knott Gregson, and Rupi Kaur have all been HUGE inspirations for me. Their poems were the exact light in the dark I needed when I was going through my own struggles, and that is what I wanted my writing to be like for others. Still in New Jersey. I guess you could say that it was a long time coming, because I always had a hard time expressing my emotions and used writing as a coping mechanism throughout my life. She starts by confessing how she never told the truth in her own childhood diary, to telling the completely candid tale of her lost lover and her journey to finding her true self. But most of the outlining and chapter/poem titles came at the very end. I bought many poetry books before I began the process of creating my own. Thought Catalog operates under the idea that “all thinking is relevant,” and that is exactly how they always made me feel. After I discovered them, I began following every poet I came across on Instagram. Just stay focused and ask for help if you need it. When you release something so personal, it’s hard not to wonder what people will think, but once I stopped worrying, I struggled a lot less. I also like to drink tea and sit outside, or do anything really, as long as I am completely by myself with zero distractions. What came easily? Get your copy of   (You Broke Me) Open from Amazon US or Amazon UK. It had been so difficult for so long to express myself, but something about this topic just clicked. I was recruited to contribute to the site after publishing a few articles on my own blog that resonated with a similar audience as theirs. Once I had most of my material completed, I THEN went back to try to organize my thoughts and emotions into some sequential order. They reached out to me when I first began writing, and since then allowed me to express myself however I wanted and write about whatever came to mind. Originally my target reader was the 20-something-year-old female, but since the book’s release, I have had males reach out to me, as well as middle aged women, and they all had different takeaways, which was really exciting for me. I don’t really have the means to do paid advertising, or buy marketing materials, so I am just hoping to get the word out in the very little spare time I have. While I have written a few articles about my relationship, a lot of them were more so the lessons that I learned POST break up. Since the poems sort of each tell their own story, or rather, are their own individual “piece of the puzzle,” I often edited each one as I wrote it. If yes, what gets the fingers tapping? I talk about falling madly in love and trying so hard to fix myself, while simultaneously fixing my shattered relationship. I hope by being completely candid, it will show people that it takes a lot of heartache to reach the point where you finally learn something. Sometimes if I am on a hot streak I do this daily, but if I feel like I am losing focus, I just change up my routine a bit or take a break for a few days. Most of them are short so it was easy to catch any errors. R.M. Most of my thoughts were all jumbled up and out of order, and some of the pieces were written at completely different times, so they didn’t feel like they went together at all. The online magazine is owned by The Thought & Expression Company, and the site attracts 25 million monthly unique visitors. Sometimes when my mind is completely still, memories or hidden emotions pop into my head. Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey sits on my nightstand and I’ve read it at least 10 times. ?
Any advice that you would like to give to other newbies considering becoming Indie authors? If you find anything confusing or difficult to use, then reach out to people who already have books published, or contact customer service. I like songs that would make me think, “How I can express that same thought in my own way?” I love Sara Bareilles, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Beyoncé, and so many other strong female artists. Utilize Google and Social Media. Don’t ever be fooled by appearances, because nobody is perfect ?
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For more from Brynn, visit her blog, like her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter or Instagram. Did you get your book cover professionally done or did you do it yourself? Where did you get the idea from? If I didn’t stumble upon Thought Catalog and find those resources, I would’ve definitely went the self-publishing route. About the book
What is the book about? Mercer County. Hearing positive feedback from people helped keep me encouraged, and coming up with ideas of what to write was never that difficult because I was constantly thinking about words I wanted to say, and finding inspiration after being lost for such a long time. I used many of those journal entries and notes when I created this book. I think that when you find solitude in writing, and reading the work of other writers, it comes very naturally. But then when I was reordering everything and typing it up, some things got lost in translation, so I had to proof it several times before it went to the printer. Since this was based on my life, I didn’t really TRY to outline it, but it did end up that way. Whether they are happy or sad, I’ve learned not to suppress them, but instead just write them down and create something out of them. After my relationship ended, I was a lot more open to sharing my struggles with the world. They were simply the guides that I needed, since all I had was an idea with no clue how to see it through. We all know how important it is for writers to read. Are there any particular authors that have influenced how you write and, if so, how have they influenced you? I wanted this book to include some of those lessons, but show the darker sides of the relationship. Words flowed through me pretty freely the second it ended and the book was completely finished and being sold a year later. Like I mentioned, writing was always something that I did, just never something I frequently shared. About You
Where did you grow up? I knew that publishing a book was always in my future, so I would’ve stopped at nothing. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) ?
Do you have a marketing plan for the book or are you just winging it? What would you like readers to know about you? It was meant to be an advice column, but also a sort of self-published diary for people my age to relate to. However, I was able to find my own unique style through writing each and every day, I just had to get past the insecurity of not being good enough. From there I worked exclusively with their staff on the whole process. Most of the actual writing came very easily. So in 2016, I sat down with a pen and paper and turned all those broken thoughts and ramblings into poems. It is totally okay to have no clue what you are doing; sometimes all you need is an idea and persistence.