Nef The Pharaoh – Bling Blaow (feat. Slimmy B)

Diamonds changin colors like a gecko
Bling-Blaow B.B.S make my chest go
Fake nigga, snake nigga,thuggin’ like they take gold
When I put that bullshit
Now all his chest gone
For a long time I was the same nigga slept on
9, 50 eat this bro
Bitches gat stabbed on
And all my nigga Chang Chang holla at that [?]
Real norf nigga never been adored nigga
Why fuck with y’all? [Intro: Nef The Pharaoh]
Still smokin’ this fear woods
(wrigh wright wright wright)
[Verse 1: Nef The Pharaoh]
Bitch look at my motherfuckin’ neck (at my neck)
She see me in the traffic and she wrack
These rapper niggas want some money come stratch
Make one false move and get left (pow pow pow)
You was pissed up with no rec time
While I was at the bank like is check time
Chang the barber,bitch I cut every line
You pussy boys smell like hella period
With the gold [?] you can’t be serious (what da fuck)
Fake thugs don’t play no fearness
The only one I fear ain’t even hearin’ us
Icy neck full of rocks
Bitch I wear what made the titanic stop
Where was you at when we was gettin on cops
From tryina stop niggas cack, like literally shit
[Hook: Nef The Pharaoh]
Look at my neck bling blaow
[Verse 2: Slimmy B]
Why your bottom bitch got a nigga a neck froze? You the type [?]
Look at undercity I’m like droptop Porsche nigga
Four Five [?] bounce on [?]
Tha’t on B, bitch if you ain’t gang don’t pronounce it
Jiggling for them Ps nigga we don’t flip ounces
[Nef the Pharaoh]
It’s money over here bro please don’t come around
[Slimmy B]
Diamonds like water I got a young nigga drowning
[Hook: Nef The Pharaoh]
Look at my neck bling blaow
[Verse 3. he won’t make it
Where your diamonds at? I can not see ’em in the dark
Lil shrimpie it ain’t a compliment I’m calling you a mork
[?] better all the hoes fatter
My neck is on (wow) your nack is on (shut up)
You the type type of nigga who is scared of the diamond testin’
And I’m the type of the nigga that fuck your bitch out from that slum
You sick with the soda left it took you over
You got your jewellery from the middle of the mall
I see you post it
It go twinckle-twinckle punk ass star (punk ass star)
Hope that your diamonds don’t hit that hard
My shit hit like a Pimp on his broad
My shit hit like basin a crowd
She try to [?]
I don’t need a flash torch I use my chain in the dark (whoa)
[Hook: Nef The Pharaoh]
Look at my neck bling blaow
(x8) Nef The Pharaoh]
Shining like a cristal ball I’m feel the break dance
Nigga test me?

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