Missy Elliott – 9th Inning Lyrics (ft. Timbaland)

How many of y’all got a catalogue this long? Come f**k witta nigga, watch the outcome
(YEAH!) Ain’t no real artists
Wack talent get in real starvin
All you hear in music is the chorus
Well that’s okay, Timmy back in the story
[Missy Elliott over Chorus]
Y’all cain’t be serious! THEY’RE BAAAACK! (YEAH!) Elliott be the name
Elliott back in the game
Elliott hit it wit’ a bang
Bring the hook back in, Timbalaind
[Missy Elliott over Chorus]
Did y’all forget?!! We on that next shit! [Timbaland]
Now I’m in the 9th inning
Niggaz think I fail when I’m still winnin
So I been gone for a hot minute
I love this shit, that’s why I got a gift in it
(YEAH!) f**k nigga, get fly
Nigga cain’t talk wit’ a gun in the mouth
Niggaz bitch up, bet they run in the house
I can smell bullshit when they walk by
(YEAH!) Heard that old saying, yo
Never ever cross a one day, give ya most
Never ever act funny for the white folks
I’m a big fisherman when you a tadpole
(YEAH!) or like Lady Ga’ (Gaga)
Why you let a nigga do ya whole album? What! You third, you second, but I come first
Flip my verse like I flip birds
I’m FYAAAH~! [Outro]
And if you want a hit? [Missy Elliott]
Now I’m in the 9th inning
Thought I fell off, I ain’t quite finished
Yeah, I’m ’bout to put my foot in it
Talk wit’ it, walk wit’ it, I’m no gimmick
(YEAH!) Twnety-twelve, there be no games
Real rap, real bars, I’m not playin
Haters y’all lame, you a Missy fayne
I’m a beast in the booth, I’m just sayin
(YEAH!) I make ’em wanna get low
Duck wit’ it, buck wit’ it, let’s go
Everytime I spit a rhyme, it’s a sick flow
You newcomers better sit back and take notes
(YEAH!) This here my time
Here I come, better run, take what’s mine
‘Bout to let off like a Tec 9 (BR-R-R-R-RAT!)
This rhyme gon’ make ’em push rewind
(YEAH!) Yeah, I’m so hot
Up on the charts, number one spot
See me when I drop and I won’t flop
Missy never stop, got the music game on lock
(YEAH!) Wanna get served? Maybe we’ll return ya call
Don’t call collect
{You have a collect call from -} {*dial tone*} [Missy Elliott]
Down to the 9th inning
I’m the real deal, y’all pretendin
Years later, my songs still spinnin
I do record deals no less than ten milli
(YEAH!) My hits be yay long
My songs go on like a marathon
Get ghost, get gone, you a dum-dum
Better ’round here, come on biters like a python
(YEAH!) Wanna act fly? All we do is make hits! MISSY ELLIOTT9th Inning Lyrics (ft. Check it…
Yeah! Don’t worry, I’ll wait! They think we done! They thought it was over! Timbaland)
[Intro: Timbaland]
Yeah, Yeah! Wanna act like you better than the M-I
Shakin ’em, bakin ’em all like a bean pie
Takin ’em, burnin ’em down like I’m Left Eye
(YEAH!) Futuristic
Y’all can pack it up, I done ripped it
When you say my name, call me Miss Bitch
I make the next chick run to the exit
(YEAH!) Yeah, yeah I got a sick sense
I’m makin this a movie like a Netflix
I’m on the guest list, on the check list
I’m the flyest chick, now tell me who the best is! Where you think that fake producer got ya style from? I think they forgot! Yessir
[Chorus: Timbaland]
We hit makin, hit breakin
Party shakin, innovator
Groundbreakin, sole creator
We be the most anticipated
Hit makin, hit breakin
Party shakin, innovator
Groundbreakin, sole creator
We be the most anticipated
[Missy Eliiott over Chorus]
Aiyyo, Timbaland! We break records, I done told y’all!

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