Mironov said that they demanded to remove the banner from Z and V from the party building

He said that the inspection ordered to remove the banner in support of the special operation from the party office building due to numerous requests

The Moscow mayor's office demanded that the Just Russia party For the truth” (SR) to remove from the building of his office a banner in support of the special operation in Ukraine with the Latin letters Z and V, folded from the St. George ribbon. The head of the SR added: “There, Moscow officials found an example to follow.”
RBC sent a request to the Moscow Inspectorate for Control over the Condition of Art Design and Advertising. Mironov doubted the existence of such appeals and noted that otherwise “I would like to look into their eyes” and find out the reason for the dissatisfaction. The deputy suggested that “this answer will help someone avoid unreasonable prosecution when expressing their attitude to the letters of foreign alphabets.”

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Истoчник rbc.ru Another reason for removing the banner in the inspectorate was the use of the St. The theater noted that the placement of Z was agreed with the Moscow authorities. This was announced by the head of the party Sergei Mironov. Many of them are surprised that in the outward appearance of Moscow there is nothing reminiscent of the war in which the fate of the country is decided: not a single patriotic billboard, not a single portrait of our heroes, no zets, no veshek,— written by Mironov. Am I a bad parent? George ribbon for its design, Mironov continued, noting: “Iron logic”; this is a symbol of Victory, and since May 9 has passed, everything related to the holiday must be removed. At the same time, the department indicated that these symbols are “recognizable and positively perceived”; Russians. “I constantly communicate with journalists and volunteers who come from the places of hostilities to the capital. Apparently, we are allowed to remember the war once a year. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to resolve conflicts in a team: principles of effective mediation Lecture Pro I want to make a training plan. At the end of March, a large letter Z, folded from the St. After visiting the special operation zone, many are surprised that in Moscow there are “no wires, no wires,” Mironov wrote. What is important to consider Instructions Pro How to repay a debt during the moratorium on bankruptcy Instructions Pro I work a lot and spend little time with my child. He clarified that the request came from the Inspectorate for Controlling the State of Artistic Design and Advertising, the key argument was the numerous appeals of the townspeople. Is it so Research Pro Freudian Success: How a Hot Dog Stand Became a McDonald's Fast Food Empire military designations, it was said in the response of the ministry to the request of the deputy of the Moscow City Duma from the Communist Party Evgeny Stupin. George ribbon, appeared on the building of the Moscow Theater of Oleg Tabakov, the press service of the theater reported that this was the initiative of artistic director Vladimir Mashkov. “I am very proud that today this symbol for the motherland, for our army, for our president, for the life of our children without Nazis and Bandera has appeared on our building, on the building of our theater,” — then Mashkov said. Instructions Pro Russian consultants separated from global offices: what it gives them Articles Pro Meditation changes the brain. He stated that the ribbon appeared 176 years before Victory Day, in the current conditions it has become a symbol of support for Russia's actions in Ukraine, which has led to a ban in a number of countries of the former USSR.

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