Marvin Gaye – Just Because You’re So Pretty Lyrics

Ho! [Marvin scatting]
Just because you’re so pretty, baby
Wondering if I can talk to you
I wonder if you love me
I wonder if you wonder too, girl
Hey, hey, hey
You are the woman on my mind
I believe, baby
Just let me walk you over
Take me to paradise
Oh, sugar
I might love you, baby
Like to love you all of your life
So wonderful, so sweet, so pretty
You got everything that I need
You’re so complete, baby
Oh, girl, let me kiss you on your neck
I love you, baby
[Marvin scatting]
I like the way you love me, baby
I like the way that you rub me down
I like the sound of your voice, baby
And when you fool around
Oh, can I come see you now
Love your pretty way
You know, you know I love you, baby
And I wanna be your man
Oh, tell me that you want me
I want to know right now
I think because you’re so, so pretty
That I don’t stand a chance
But they say that, oh, you got to have some lovin’
Just like everybody else
And I can love you good
I got to think, take care of you, baby
And I know how to do….

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