Mark Lanegan – Can’t Catch The Train Lyrics

MARK LANEGANCan’t Catch The Train Lyrics
Wait, wait the race has been numbered
So soon to go where the horses have gone
Lay down your head, like a baby to slumber
Can’t make it home anymore, oh no
Can’t catch the train
With sorrows to suffer unknown
Drawing the stars to a close
As sure as the shovel is blind, deaf and digging
One day you’re hung at the end of the rope
Hat in your hand, near the station just begging
Don’t have the fare anymore, oh no
Can’t catch the train
calling from beyond the pale
shipwrecked, the dancers will ..crawl
sing, sing for the new day ..appearing
give us one more for the ..memories you lost
sing for the night
and how quickly it’s nearing
can’t make it home anymore, ..oh no
can’t catch the train

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