Lil Bibby – Preview to free crack 4 Lyrics

I said I don’t wanna talk about it
But fuck it, Ima talk about it
Look, Ay
I saw my momma smoke a crack right in my face it left me traumatized
She was never sober I could tell when I looked in her eyes
Niggas been through hard times shootouts that I wish I’d died
I know about them stomach aches that pain it hurt to be alive
I was lost up in them streets I had to sell them drugs to eat
Them hoes ain’t wanna fuck with me I had to put J’s on my feet
They know I had that curly hair I know I’m looking like I’m sweet
I want that boy to disrespect I never got my ass beat
I had to much pain in me
My life it made me angry
If you came from the bottom ain’t no difference you the same as me
Niggas say they fuck with me I had to take some time to thank you
Sold my mama crack and took her link I ain’t have shit to drink
We eat that chili out the can
I had to turn in to a man
I was selling Reggie nigga started out with seven grams
Never had no helping hand
One sister and two brothers
I got love for Wyshawn he one crazy muthafucka

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