Kodak Black Raps About Cardi B On Song “Free Cool Pt. 2”

Who can blame him for that? Kodak Black raps about Cardi B‘s success on his new song “Free Cool Pt. The Project Baby MC also released some behind-the-scenes footage of himself and his team in the studio recording the song and vibing with their cup in hand. “If Cardi B winnin’, I’m winning,” he raps. Kodak Black also acknowledge his legal perils while rapping about not wanting to go back in the slammer. Kodak raps about his legal troubles, his friend who is currently incarcerated, and the massive success of Bardi over the last year. Related Posts

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The Pompano Beach rapper dropped the original “Free Cool” in 2015 and then decided he needs a part two for one of the singles that helped put him on the map. “I don’t want to do no more time, I want you to see me flying,” he raps. Last year was a phenomenal year for Young Kodak who scored a number of hits and drop two projects including Project Baby 2. Kodak Black & Lil Wayne New Song “Codeine Dreaming” Was Recorded Months Ago

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