JAY-Z Album “4:44” Now On Apple Music But Not Spotify

The project is also on Google Play and Amazon Prime Music. The fact that 4:44 is not on Spotify shouldn’t come as a big shock since JAY-Z pulled all of his music from Spotify back in April. It’s still unclear why Hov take down his music from Spotify but he is a major shareholder in TIDAL which is a major competitor in the music streaming business. The album 4:44 is already certified platinum thanks to a deal with Sprint. There were some rumors that the album wouldn’t be available for other streaming platforms but a week later JAY-Z decided to make it available on Apple Music but somehow sidestep Spotify which both controls a sizeable portion of the music streaming market. Apple Music is second largest music streaming company behind Spotify, but JAY-Z left his music on that platform. JAY-Z released his landmark album 4:44 exclusively on TIDAL on June 30th but now the project is available on Apple Music but not Spotify. Sprint invested $200 million in TIDAL earlier this year and also bought a million copies of JAY-Z new album for its customers which helped pushed the album into platinum status in the first week.

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