Jaël Tanalepy – At Least I Was Good To You lyrics

Bitch you are so 2 faced
You was lying in my face, bitch you are a total disgrace
I was all on you but not anymore cause now it’s money I chase
Bitch you changed the way
The way I am, the way I was
My depression and the pain yeah you are the cause
But you weren’t the only one
A lot of bitches played me
I don’t know if it’s me, I’m going crazy
Why play me? You girls got me out here going all crazy
But all I can say is
That atleast I was good to you
Yeah atleast I was good to you Why you gotta break me? Bitches be lying, bitches be playing
Now I am rapping and now I am singing
I should’ve known from the beginning
I should’ve known you was lying
I should’ve knew you lied
But I wanted you by my side
Yeah let’s switch it up, aye
I don’t know what it is
Why you gotta act like a bitch? At least I was good to you
Yeah, At least I was good to you
At least I was good to you
Yeah, At least I was good to you
At least I was good to you
Remember me bitch? Bitch I’m too wavy
A few years ago I would never call girls a bitch, but look at me now
Trust nobody now, I’m broken now
What is the reason because I don’t know it? Why you gotta play me? Why don’t you tell me, why gotta play me? I am the guy you kept fucking with
The guy that you played the guy that you broke
I wasn’t the only guy you spoke
Yeah you saw me as a joke
I gotta be honest, I’m happy it went this way
Now I found someone that feels the same way
Me and my music, I’m going up
While you go down on your knees to suck
Remember my time you waste? Why you gotta hurt me? If you don’t want me then why don’t you show it?

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