January 28, 2020

IndieView with Marina Sandoval, author of The Fourth World

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About the book
What is the book about? Anyone above 14 that loves fantasy. So I had to find a way to keep the idea I had, but to be able to transmit the whole concept in a way that wasn’t too hard to understand, because I didn’t want it to be a difficult reading. Hold from the rush to launch the book. I’m working on the second volume of The Fourth World and I’m translating another series I’ve called “C.S. Montréal, Canada. Where did you get the idea from? Reread it, make edits, and hire a professional to proofread it. Do you have a marketing plan for the book or are you just winging it? The kind of music will depend on the state of mind I want to be in. If yes, what gets the fingers tapping? Are your characters entirely fictitious or have you borrowed from real world people you know? If so, do you do so extensively or just chapter headings and a couple of sentences? She gives them a map of a world they have never seen and that will lead them in an adventure full of mysteries and dangers. Do you listen to music while you write? I already had in mind to publish on my own, but I wanted to try it for the experience, so I’ve sent to some. About Publishing
Did you submit your work to Agents? São Paulo, Brazil. ​ About 3 years. I have self-published before in Brazil, so it was a natural process for me. Get your copy of   The Fourth World from Amazon US or Amazon UK. I’m working on a plan, but for now I am totally winging it! Did you hire a professional editor? Do you edit as you go or wait until you’ve finished? Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) It is a fantasy book about four men that are in a coma within our world. I already knew all the steps I had to take. I know how much you want to see your book published, but it is worth the wait until it’s really well done rather than just rushing into it. – Private Detective” into English. If so can you please describe it? The first sentence of the book was written mid-2008. What made you decide to go Indie, whether self-publishing or with an indie publisher? No, but I hired a professional proofreader. Whatever you do, don’t write your first draft and then just put it on Amazon. However, when Grant becomes king of the Sermerios, he hides the Stone of Destiny. My characters, they have a life of their own and I love that. Sometimes, when I want to get in a certain state of mind. No outline, usually I let my characters take me, I only outline the end after I’ve already begun. What came easily? Any advice that you would like to give to other newbies considering becoming Indie authors? Were there any parts of the book where you struggled? Where do you live now? Pagan mythology is one theme that fascinates me and has a great influence on my writing. Professional. About Writing
Do you have a writing process? Did you get your book cover professionally done or did you do it yourself? Do you outline? At the beginning the plot seemed to be too complicated, and I didn’t want that. Do you have a target reader? Entirely fictitious. I think that at the end I managed to do that. They reach a lighthouse, occupied by a curious woman named Virginia. Marina Sandoval – 28 January 2020
The Back Flap
In a world where men are neither alive nor dead, the gods had given to the Sermerios the Stone of Destiny, which determines who comes back to life and who should die. If you don’t have the money (like me) save until you can pay for one. How long did it take you to write it? What would you like readers to know about you? My favorite authors are Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, among others. I did submit to some, but not many. At the beginning the plot seemed to be too complicated, and I didn’t want that. They arrive into a new world where there used to be a system where humans that arrive there could go back to life or die, but this system is now corrupt and they will have to fight their way to wake up once more. I saw a picture of a lighthouse in the middle of the fog and an idea came to me. For instance, if I’m writing an action scene, I will listen to strong instrumental music to inspire myself. Was it a particular event or a gradual process? What are you working on now? End of Interview:
For more from Ms Sandoval follow her on Twitter or check out her Instagram page. So I had to find a way to keep the idea I had, but to be able to transmit the whole concept in a way that wasn’t too hard to understand, because I didn’t want it to be a difficult reading. During a battle on the high seas – navy against pirates – Steven, the crew doctor, two of his comrades, Richard and Hubert, and one pirate, Thomas, drift away from the combat in a small boat. I wait until I’ve finished, then I’ll go back reread everything and start editing. ​I always start without having too much knowledge of where it is going to go, but after, when I can see the story developing, I picture the end and then my characters and I just have to figure out how to get to that end. When did you start writing the book? About You
Where did you grow up? ​I write fantasy, it’s my favorite genre, but my readings aren’t limited to it.