April 7, 2019

IndieView with HeidiLynn of HeidiLynn’s Book Reviews

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I have always been a very passionate reader. I found a great company called Candid Book Reviews that was actively looking for reviewers to join their team. Through Candid Book Reviews they introduced me to many creative and talented authors who I am blessed to still read and review for today. I pride myself in having a friendship with the authors. I have a section on my website of that authors reviewed my service. My advice to authors on getting a ‘bad’ review (hasten to add that might mean a perfectly honest, well written, fair review – just bad from the author’s point of view) is to take what you can from it and move on. Depending how good the book is I would say 3-4 hours. How did you come up with your rating system, and could you explain more about the rating system? The author wants an honest review and I am going to give you what you asked for. For me reading is an escape from reality into a new world for a while. If it doesn’t capture my interest by the third chapter then we might have a problem. If a book has a great plot, great characters, but the grammar is less than perfect, how do you deal with that? I will not read Paranormal, Sci-Fi Fantasy, MC, Shape-Shifters, Political, Historical, Time Travel
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To see HeidiLynn’s reviews, visit HeidiLynn’s Book Reviews.   However, I have gotten much more positive feedback from authors thanking me for my review. They work hard for their craft. I will let them know my reasoning behind it and obviously apologize. About Reading
We talk a lot about writing here on the blog, and possibly not enough about reading, which is after all why we’re all here. If I find the grammar, spelling or formatting of the ebook is off I will let the author know upfront before I post my review. How do you review a book? We communicate heavily on my HeidiLynn’s BookReviews Facebook page. Try going on NetGalley that is an amazing resource for authors and reviewers. Reading was a way for me to escape my reality. How long does it take you to get through, say, an eighty thousand-word book? I have found some extremely talented authors there. Many have said I had made their day, that they have cried, that my reviews were very thorough. A local author friend of mine thought I would be perfect for reviewing books. I won’t lie in a review. I would say go on Facebook and start a street team of ARC (Advanced Reader Copies) reviewers. Agents typically request only the first five pages of a novel; what do you think about that? Many of the books I read are on my Kindle or hard copies that the authors send me. Under no circumstances to ‘argue’ with the reviewer – would you agree with that? Why do you think people love reading? However, if the formatting and spelling are really bad I will have to bring it up in the review. Few of my readers have commented on my reviews. Is there anything you will not review?   I have 2,303 followers made up of authors, personal assistants, book boggers/reviewers, and fans of my reviews. You will usually get a 5 star from me if you write something close to your heart and it shows in your writing, books that grab your attention from start to finish, and books that leave a permanent etching in your memory. I don’t think it is fair to the to bash the author on the social media sites. Even my young nieces and nephews are always with a book in their hand.   This feedback is priceless and is why I love doing what I am doing. What advice could you give to authors looking to get their books reviewed? If it is a hard copy, I make notes as I go. Is it a read first, and then make notes, or do you make notes as you go along? All I ask in return is for their book (mobi, pdf or hard copy) and their friendship. Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) This can also be cross posted to my Facebook page for more viewers to see it. That makes it easier to go back when you are reviewing it. They are your fans and look up to you. This way if it is a ARC copy they can fix the issue before the book goes live. What are you looking for? About Reviewing
How did you get started? If it is a Kindle book then I usually use the highlight feature as I go. We’re seeing lots of statistics that say reading as a pastime is dying – do you think that’s the case? Build a relationship with your readers and get to know them. I won’t review anything that is below a 3 star for an author. Yes, I agree with that.   Along with book reviews on my site I can add book covers, synopsis of the book, buy links, and author bio and pictures. If a book hasn’t grabbed you by the first five pages, do you put it down? YES. If I feel like I can’t read the book or It does not deserve higher than a 3 star I will contact them. Do your homework on the reviewer before messaging them. Please introduce yourselves to us reviewers telling us about yourself, your book synopsis, how you learned abut us, etc. Do you get readers emailing you and thanking you for a review? I am looking to help promote Indie Authors any way that I can by providing them an honest review on multiple social media sites. Make sure they review what genre you write before approaching them. I don’t think that is true that reading is dying. Giving back to the authors that let me escape to new worlds without leaving my couch! About Writing
We’re told that the first page, paragraph, chapter, is absolutely key in making or breaking a book. A really good book would grasp my attention and pull me in by the end of the first page.