Grin And Bear It Lyrics – The Strypes

She left the friends she had in school
Slipped into the typing pool
Gave herself up to dictation
Barely sixteen years of age
Taking home a working wage
An envelope of expectation
He was older
He had a car
The things he told her
Made her feel the part
She took a test when she was late
Moved into the new estate
Fingers wag behind the curtains
She started out with intentions
But life’s demands were unrelenting
To say that words are impotent
Is a mouthful in itself, but it fits the bill
Resorting to a family phrase;
Just grin and bear it
Just grin and bear it
She cut her hair and stayed at home
Did the shopping on her own
Subsidized by half price tokens
Consoled herself with books on love
Damp creeps in on the walls above
The shower works when it’s not broken

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