Gemma Collins Feels Like “Bridget Jones” After Falling Onstage at BBC Radio 1’s Teen Awards

News at 7 and 11 p.m. Type Inside The Box I’m at Wembley Stadium presenting an award, and I go missing on the stage. Collins had just finished announcing the winner for Best TV Show at Wembley Stadium when she slipped through an opening in the stage. In the end, it looks like her selfie with Ora made the whole thing worthwhile—even though the TV star confessed that she was in “agony.”
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We hope Collins feels better. That must have hurt. She also posted the number for the National Accident Helpline, as well as a fake movie poster for   Bridget Jones   in which she replaced   Renée Zellweger‘s face with her own. Searching for more update about this? The TV personality posted another video letting fans know that she survived the “best and worst moment of her life.”
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“I’m alive. For more celebrity news, watch E! Don’t panic,” she said at one point in the video. But I’m alive guys….Will I ever live this moment down? Shortly after the incident, she posted a video montage of Madonna and Beyoncé falling on stage. British reality TV star Gemma Collins took quite a tumble yesterday and fell through the stage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. “I’m such a Bridget Jones at heart. Help.”
Despite her tumble, it looks like Collins enjoyed her night. She appeared back on stage after the fall where she told hosts Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora that she was having “the best time of my life.”
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The TV star had a good sense of humor about her spill, too. O.M.G. Ouch. The Only Way Is Essex star posted the whole incident on Instagram. Thankfully, Collins was OK. I’ve always watched her movies and thought, God this girl is me.

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