Fetty Wap & Fli Fetti – Gotta Blast

[Intro: Fetty Wap]
Free that boy [?]
[Verse 1: Fetty Wap]
Gang with me, we ain’t talkin’ cash, this a rollie
If yo’ bitch roll me let her roll my chain for the hell of it
Sticks with me he could fuck yo ho if she sell a dick
Fetty, we get Fetti it don’t matter how you spellin’ it
Yeah, pull up to a spot like what is up, nigga
I got shootas’ with me in the cut, nigga
He be dead before I hit the floor, nigga
On the hood, this ain’t what he want, nigga
Keep a 50 with me in the trunk, nigga
Put the [?], nigga
Wouldn’t give a fuck if a slug hit ya
All this money I just get a rush nigga
When the money came I fell in love wit her
You know I fell in love [?]
[Verse 2: Fli Fetti]
I know these niggas feel some type of way
But all they do is hop up on the internet and type away
I ain’t the type

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