Ex-governor Khoroshavin sentenced to 15 years for electoral fraud

And even during the announcement of a new term of 15 years, he didn’t take an ear. Recognize this activity as decorative, inefficient, not only deserving of respect, neglect the facts — these are not just flaws in the work of the investigation, this is a certain challenge to the party, to the voters. 
However, “shift the blame” on the party leadership did not work out very well. According to investigators, he helped the governor draw up “electoral lists”; former mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Alexei Leskin, who was also sentenced to 9 years in a strict regime colony and taken into custody right in the courtroom. All procedures were carried out by secret ballot. The investigation insisted that the primaries were held formally, the results & nbsp; were falsified, and the election headquarters and the press worked under severe administrative pressure. 
The verdict was read to the ex-governor for four days. Testimonies of several dozen witnesses, expert examinations and other documents confirming the essence of the case were collected in dozens of volumes.  
After the first case, which revealed the facts of large-scale corruption of the former head of the region, these “electoral pranks” no one was surprised. According to Khoroshavin, “under such conditions, not only bribes are impossible, but also administrative influence.”
The ex-governor recalled that he was talking about “the leading party of Russia, which was primarily interested in the development of intra-party democracy and worked hard on this. For an established scheme of kickbacks from entrepreneurs in the distribution of government contracts and budget subsidies, Khoroshavin received a term of 13 years in prison in 2018. Photo: premier.gov.ru. We are talking about the 2014 election campaign in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.   
During the announcement of the next verdict, Alexander Khoroshavin, apparently, guessed that a miracle would not happen: all four days in his "aquarium" he not stopping reading Dudintsev's book “White Clothes” – about the work of biologists in the difficult years of “Lysenkoism”. For his election to the City Duma, deputies paid him from 3 to 10 million rubles
The ex-governor of the Sakhalin Region Alexander Khoroshavin was sentenced in the second case against him. For a fee, of course. The discussion and the final decision on the nomination of candidates took place at the conference, the delegates to which were also elected by the primary organizations. The court proved that the former head of the region traded deputy mandates, personally deciding who would enter the city parliament and who – no. With all your will, you can't make a fuss about the governor's salary. The case includes 17 proven episodes of extortion of money from candidates for deputies. By the way, this novel is included in the list of 100 books recommended for Russian schoolchildren for independent reading. Amounts of “contributions” ranged from 3 to 10 million rubles. In total, accomplice officials received about one hundred million rubles during this election campaign.  
In his last speech, Alexander Khoroshavin tried to prove that the version of the investigation – this is a “collision” to the ruling party. It's about time  catch up. 
Истoчник www.mk.ru The former head of the region was sentenced to 15 years in a strict regime colony and sentenced to a fine of 500 million.  
People called this case  "electoral", because it is about creating a whole system of electoral fraud. According to him, the nomination of candidates for the elections “was carried out through the nomination of candidates by primary organizations, where party members know each other, through holding primaries with the involvement of the city's population. The evidence base was eloquent: during the searches, 700 million in cash, six premium cars with a total value of 40 million rubles were seized from the former head of the region.  And this is not counting expensive jewelry, a collection of exclusive watches and luxury real estate in Moscow and  Moscow region.

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