DMX Meets Same Fate As Meek Mill Back In Jail For Bail Violation

Unlike Meek Mill, DMX has a serious case on his hand and is likely to go away for a while. He is facing years in prison for concealing millions of dollars in a scheme dated back decades, according to the New York prosecutor. DMX was spotted last week in a St. “I’m saddened and disappointed,” Richman said. Prosecutors played the video in court while arguing that is another clear violation of his probation. Both charges were eventually dismissed, but the judge still sent him to prison, sparking a nationwide uproar from fans of the rapper and his celebrity peers including JAY-Z and Rev Al Sharpton. The Ruff Ryders rap legend, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is back in jail for violating his bail conditions. His plea deal may also play a part in his sentence. Last year November, Meek Mill was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for violating his probation by popping wheelies in the streets of New York and getting arrested in St. DMX will remain behind bars until his sentencing for his tax evasion case on March 29th. The rapper’s attorney, Murray Richman, didn’t have much to say to reporters except about this latest development in Simmons ongoing legal battle. DMX is destined for the same fate as Meek Mill. TMZ reported that X failed a mandatory drug test after appearing in court this morning in Manhattan. Part of the conditions for his bail was mandatory rehab which he completed but seems he is right back to square one where drugs aare concerned. The judge ordered him remanded in custody arguing that he was a flight risk after being tested positive for cocaine, oxycodone, and opiates. Related Posts

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The legendary rapper pleaded guilty to tax evasion in November last year when he was released on a $500,000 bond. Louis. Louis airport bar boozing out while buying shots for patrons and preaching.

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