Cam’ron Now Dissing Kanye West On New Song After Getting Iced By Mase

Surprisingly there was no mention of his foe, Mase, in the song which leads us to believe that he is done with that beef. “They can’t forget me, religiously in their memory, life of pablo, every other song the ni**a mention me,” Cam’ron raps. The Diplomats rapper released a new single “La Havana” where he disses Kanye West and another unnamed rapper. Ye is currently working on his new album and it’s unlikely that he will let this slide given his personality. After getting iced by Mase, Cam’ron now turns his attention to Kanye West. Cam was forced to defend himself recently after his former friend Mase rips him on a scathing diss record, “The Oracle.” He responded to that diss with “Dinner Time” which got a lukewarm reception from hip hop fans. So the question now is, should Kanye respond to Cam’s diss on this new song or just let it slide? Related Posts

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Blackbear Feat. Cam’ron – Bright Pink Tims Lyrics It’s unclear what issued Cam has with Yeezy, but one line on the song has raised a lot of eyebrows and fans are searching for answers. The former Bad Boy rapper already claimed victory so perhaps Cam is now looking for another rapper to beat up on and Kanye West is the one he felt like deserves his attention. Cam’ron has been subtle dissing Kanye West over the years but no one has really paid it much attention, but this is a different era of hip hop now where every rapper got something to prove, both old new.

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