Bounty Killer Urged Government To Pay Police Higher Wage

Bounty Killer is urging the Jamaican government to pay police officers a higher wage. Killer has cemented his place in dancehall as one of the greatest of all time and when you go to one of his shows you can expect a full set of classics plus some heart to heart moments like his recent performance at 100 Live in Kingston on Wednesday night. “Dem have police a do inna dis time when the crime rate so high nuh right. Related Posts

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Bounty Killer Still Cross Angry Miserable About No Doubt Naked Man In Video Earlier this year, Bounty and Ninjaman met with Minister of National Security, Robert Montague, where the two dancehall legends gave motivational speeches to a group of police officers. “Politician, unno cyaan make life hard and make it easier fi people do bad things, and den di crime rate escalate and leave it pan di police dem. Andrew Holness, hold dis: ‘Give the police di money to fight the beast name crime.”
This is not the first time that Bounty Killer is sticking his neck out for the police force. Give the police dem di money,” Bounty Killer told the crowd. The dancehall legend put on a show for his fans and also took timeout to sound off on a number of social and political topics including the ongoing fight between the police and the government over higher wages. Their efforts were well received, but of course Ninjaman is currently in prison for murder.

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