Bob Marley Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame Repaired

Bob Marley‘s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame has been repaired. Walk of Fame spokesperson, Ana Martinez, confirmed on Twitter last week that the monument was fully replaced and even tweeted out a photo of the brand new star. “Bob Marley Walk of Fame star looking better than ever,” she wrote. An investigation was launched by cops but so far we are not aware of any arrest. “It will cost nearly $3,000 to repair Bob Marley’s star on the Walk of Fame after it was found vandalized this week,” she wrote on Twitter. @djambeririefm
— Ana Martinez (@wofstargirl) November 2, 2017 The star for the famed reggae king was vandalized last month by someone who set out with ill intentions on their mind. Bob Marley Walk of Fame star looking better than ever! Last month, she reported that the star would cost around $3000 to be repaired and the Hollywood Historic Trust would foot the bill. Marley’s star was replayed by representatives of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

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