Blinded By Faith – Stranger In The Mirror Lyrics

BLINDED BY FAITHStranger In The Mirror Lyrics
I grew up amid the cries
In a house with a rusted tin roof
I have no story to tell, just a name
A quickly forgotten name
From my childhood
There is not much to say
Except that I feel happy today
To have lost most of it
My past seems hazy
Bad dreams I can’t relate to reality
I seek the meaning of it all
To overcome absurdity
I grew up among the insane
In a parallel dimension
Where madness doesn’t exist
It took me many years to understand
I grew up with other children
In a playground where I played little
A prison I would gladly dynamited
A school where I learned disgust
I grew up day after day taming fear
A fear gripped to the belly
Shaking the nerves like a rabid dog
The fear of not being loved
The fear of being lost inside a maze
The fear that the world collapses tomorrow
The fear of being left alone forever
With this stranger
I see every morning in the mirror
I grew up in the tumultuous nights
Which sometimes ended
When two drunkards engaged in a fight
I saw all kinds of excesses
I saw people destroy themselves
Because they were happy to be alive
I saw people crawling for a line of coke
And never stand up again
I saw men f**k it all up in one evening
I saw young age too quickly
Because they have seen too much
I grew up within my room
Four walls without windows
With a black and white TV
I watched horror movies
And had no serious project
Apart from becoming a serial killer
Or the next Messiah
But I wanted not so much
And at night, under the covers
In the dark, sheltered world
I imagined that I was not me
I wanted to be anybody
Except me

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