Behold Oblivion – Ascendance Lyrics

Try as you may but you will never take this from our
hands. Those words you spoke are but a whisper now
Drowned out by the herald of my rebirth
But I assure you those words were not in vain
As they ignited the fire to my life. I’ve broken away
I see the path that’s laid out before me
Now our eyes are fixed towards the future
This music paves the road ahead
Still the steepest of mountains stands in our way
This is our ascendance from the life we left behind. BEHOLD OBLIVIONAscendance Lyrics
[Bonus Track]
My dreams are the monolith in your hollow sky
Built by my hand, the testament of my will
Fingers of stone point forever, mocking me
But my ascendance will humble you yet. For years you tread upon my aspirations
Told me that I was not meant for this
But when i’m on the other side of the world
I’ll be too busy to say I told you so. The wall of your contempt has fallen
And you are left defenseless
But take my hand regardless
Because this victory is yours as it is mine.

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