Beenie Man Gets Blast By Another Female Dancehall Artist

Following his running with Spice, Beenie Man is again at odds with another female dancehall artist. Pamputtae uploaded a video on her Instagram last weekend blasting Beenie Man and the promoters of Ghetto Splash in Kingston for not allowing her to perform. Nevertheless, she made it clear that she will not return to the annual show for another performance. “Mi forget say them show is a all man show and no female no fi be there, them no fi put no female on there cuz me a the only female in the venue and them no want me fi perform,” she rants. A post shared by Eveana Henry (@pamputtae) on Dec 20, 2017 at 5:05am PST

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Vybz Kartel “I Am The King and Spice The Queen of Dancehall” PPL MI VEX BAD!! “Beenie Man know say a me fi perform and him a hurry fi work and him have how much song.”
The video has since went viral forcing Beenie Man to respond and give his side of the story. The dancehall legend said he orchestrated for her to get some stage time, and this is how she repays him. “I was booked to performed at 4 o’clock and when he arrived at the venue some minutes to four, he heard that Pamputtae wanted to perform. According to the Doc, Pamputtae is ungrateful because she did got a chance to perform but the crowd just wasn’t feeling her.

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