Annie Robinette – Guinevere lyrics

I crave my solitude but after a while
I head out into town with a counterfeit smile
And there is no one around who knows what is happening inside me
Except a songstress whose lyrics of life must be all about mine
Only my Guinevere could pull me out of here
When it’s deep in my marrow and this hole is too narrow for a body to wriggle free
She writes without platitudes and I’m flooded with gratitude
She sings on my level cuz she’s waltzed with the devil herself a time or three
Oh Guinevere
I’ve known her half my life and she nods my way
I raise my chin and settle in intending to stay
And I pretend that I’m not taken in by this cave that engulfs me
And I suspend my confessions until I have heard her [Refrain]
Only my Guinevere could pull me out of here
From dark visions I’m juggling from which I am struggling to become unconstrained
She understands everything and answers my silent scream
When the meds are not working and the demons are lurking round the corners of my brain
Oh Guinevere
Oh Guinevere
Only my Guinevere could pull me out of here
A rare hope can I muster because I totally trust her with my fragility
She mends my broken core I’ll always come back for more
Fleeing my prison to hear a vision of peace and empathy
Oh Guinevere
Oh Guinevere

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