Allister Crowley – No Stranger To Danger lyrics

When you’re down on your luck, feel you’ve nothing left to lose. No Stranger to Danger, catch me now I’m falling. He broke every bone he had, went down in history. But he knew what he had to do. The time it took to heal the pain, it was all that he could take. If you choose to risk your life, don’t rue when it’s taken too soon. Life will go on, with or without you. Every life’s a gamble, the stakes he placed were high. Just a kid out of nowhere, Evel was his name. His fame and fortune brought him pain and misery. Life and limb his marker, to know his life was prized. They thought he’d live forever, but there’s no eternal flame. No Stranger to Danger,
Wake me when it’s over, now…
Humanity is insanity, he didn’t know wrong from right. No Stranger to Danger, catch me now I’m falling. He wasn’t on a glory ride, he had danger in his veins. Living like a madman, the way it had to be. No Stranger to Danger, the danger is calling. One more chance he had to take, just one chance left he must take.

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