Allister Crowley – Can’t Kill The Boogeyman lyrics

No monsters under my bed, they can’t fit under there. Out from under the bed, now he’s inside my head. My heart’s been pushed to overdrive. No, you better leave here. Can’t Kill the Boogeyman
All is quiet outside, could me senses have lied? No, two eyes stare back at me! Can’t Kill, Can’t Kill the Boogeyman
What will, you do tonight? No monsters hiding in my closet, it’s too small in there. What, you say he can’t be real? Can I counter this threat? Can’t fill the Boogeyman’s appetite. Chills down my spine as each breaths amplified, still I try to hide. Advertising
No, he’s coming back for me. Night after night he feeds on your fears, living and breathing. Logic defied, many times I have tried, but this villain won’t die. You have no business here. Monsters, stay out of this room, you have no business here. Until the sun will rise. A quick look to decide. Safety within? Beneath the sheets, he can’t get in. Nothing will touch me or hurt me all this night. Why won’t he get it over with? Run for your life, he’ll get you tonight You have no business here. No, this demon won’t die. Covered by sweat as visions race through my head, paranoias set in. Muscles freeze tight as he darts out of sight, try as I might;
He’s stole my arms and voice tonight. Out from the closet, he breaks on through. What can you do? No vampires, no werewolves; no things that bite. All alone to face the fiend. No monsters outside of my window, you can’t hold on out there. Tremors inside of a criminal mind, where’s a victim to hide?

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