Al Wordlaw – She’s All Right lyrics

She’s all right Intro
Woo, woo, woo, hey, hey, hey, hey, woo, woo, woo
She’s all right
She’s all right
She’s all mine
Verse I
I want to talk about my sweet love
She came in my life right on time
We go together like two turtledoves
From day one she was made to be mine
We both work from nine to five
And after work it’s good to go home
I think of her thru my rush hour drive
I’ve got to get to her before long
Change I
She deserves all of my attention
And where I go it’s okay if she comes along
A couple of things that I’ve got to mention
She’s fine and sexy; she’s got it going on
Oh, she likes to give it to me, t
Talkin’ bout her love, (she’s all that)
(Chorus Adlib I)
My baby’s all right with me
My baby, she’s all right
She knows I need her,
She knows I love her
She knows she’s got just what I need,
She’s a sweet loving girl in my world,
Verse ii
She has every bit of love charm
The personality for me
And when I hold her in my arms
I feel the spirit of divinity
And when we disagree
We talk about working it out,
Simplicity is the key to stay in love
There is no doubt,
Change ii
I really love her; she means the world to me
When I wake up she dazzles my mind
To do all I can to keep her happy
She was the blessing so hard for me to find
(Chorus Adlib ii)
My baby’s all right with me
Hey baby, you’re all, all, all I need,
You’re my sugar; you’re my honey
You’re everything sweet to me

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