50 Cent and Chief Keef Reacts To Fredo Santana’s Death

When l heard he passed l didn’t know what to say. In October last year, he was hospitalized for kidney and liver failure and after his release, he vowed to get help for his addiction problems. I was like, now that n**** crazy and I’m a little crazy so l watched him. Stop saying Fredo was my friend, That’s my cousin, Big difference
— Glory Boy (@ChiefKeef) January 20, 2018 the sh*t was just raw, the beauty of hip hop is when it’s your time nothing can stop you,” 50 Cent wrote. One of his close friends told us on Instagram that he died from a mild seizure. When he said he looked up to me, l wanted to work with him but we didn’t get the chance to do anything. Santana died following his long struggle with drug addiction even though he was getting help. A number of rappers have been sending their tribute to one of the most recognized voices from Chi-Town, but perhaps it was 50 Cent who get the most attention after saying his piece. Before his death, Santana was working on his Walking Legend 2 mixtape, due sometime this year. 19) plunging the hip hop community in mourning. “R.I.P Fredo, l liked Sosa’s (SH*T l DON’T LIKE) when l first seen it. “Fredo stood out to me. 50 Cent gave a rousing tribute to the late Fredo Santana while Chief Keef reminds fans he is blood. “Stop saying Fredo was my friend, That’s my cousin, Big difference,” he tweeted. SOSA call my phone.”
Chief Keef, aka Sosa, had to remind fans that Fredo Santana was not his friend, he was his blood. In case you were living off the grid for the entire weekend, Fredo Santana, a rising rapper in the South Chicago rap scene died on Friday (Jan. To his family l send my condolence. Now there are no telling whether or not that project will see the light of day.

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