21 Savage – Flexin’ [Snippet] Lyrics

We gon’ stick you up
Like 2Pac, nigga, hit ’em up
These niggas tough on the Internet
Gettin’ that pussy, I’m killin’ that
I’m not just a rapper, I’m livin’ that
[Verse 2]
Shawty said she want that dick, I told that bitch to wait one minute
These niggas broke, I heard these niggas shoppin’ J.C. Penny
I took that bitch to Ruth Chris, I heard a nigga eats at Wendy’s
I’m a real nigga, I can’t wear no gold unless they came from the [?]
[cont.] [Verse 1]
Jumped out the Porsche, got to it
Choppa on me, bitch I shoot like I’m Cupid
Model bitch, and she gon’ blow me like hookah
All these diamonds, bitch I look like a jeweler
Rollie froze, bitch it came out the cooler
Tech 9, bitch it came with a cooler
I got shooters that’ll shoot at your shooter
Bitch you broke, you eatin’ noodles and oodles
I got a bad bitch, workin’ Hooters
Bitch I get the check, and you know I blew it
21 gang, chain hangin’, blangin’
Jewish lawyers, give a fuck about that rangin’
Seinfeld, niggas frontin’ like Kramer
Put you on the news, you wanna be famous
Zero six, bitch you know that I claimed it
I jumped out the Porsche and broke my ankle
I’m [?] the bud when I cook it up
Your main bitch want me to pick her up
I nut in her face, she gon’ lick it up
Your jewelry shinin’?

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